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Rimrock Resort Hotel Spa & Fitness

Indulge your senses with a Rimrock Resort Spa visit. With a myriad of treatments and services available, you can be sure the perfect treatment is waiting for you you!

All Spa guests are welcome to take advantage of complimentary use of the Rimrock Fitness Facilities including sauna and steam rooms, indoor pool and whirlpool, and cardio and weight equipment. Yoga & pilates classes are offered throughout the week for a nominal fee.


Counteract the effects of time, cleanse for radiance, or soothe with massage with Rimrock's signature facials. Treatments will bring back your natural radiance leaving your looking and feeling healthier. Your skin will thank you! All facials 60 minutes and over include a hand massage (not included with the Back Facial).

Treatment Price Duration
Myoxy-Caviar Facial $240pp 75 minutes
Signature Facial $135pp 75 minutes
European Deep Cleansing $120pp 60 minutes
Added specialized Mask $40pp 15 minutes
Radiant Express Facial $70pp 30 minutes
Back Facial $145pp 60 minutes

Facial Add-ons

For Your Eyes Only $40pp
Brow Renewal $30pp
Revitalizing Scalp Ritual $40pp
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Vichy & Body Treatments

Whether you choose to reduce cellulite, eliminate toxins, or soothe tired muscles, Rimrock's Vichy and Body treatments are relaxing experience for the full body. All Vichy treatments include a full body exfoliation, Vichy shower and moisturizer application.

Treatment Price Duration
Green Coffee Wrap $170pp 75 minutes
Moor Mud Wrap $145pp 75 minutes
Spirulina Wrap $145pp 75 minutes
Moroccan Rassoul Wrap $145pp 75 minutes
Aromatic Salt Glow $95pp 45 minutes
Warm Aromatherapy Oil Wrap $120pp 60 minutes

Vichy & Body Add-ons

Mini-Facial $40pp 15 minutes
Revitalizing Scalp Ritual $40pp 15 minutes
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Support your body's health through massage designed to reduce tension, improve circulation and reduce physical fatigue. Rimrock Spa offers a variety of massage treatments from gentle to deep tissue with qualified therapists helping you choose the best option for your body. Aromatherapy oils are available to complement your massage.

Treatment Price Duration
Signature Aromatherapy Massage $120/$169pp 60minutes
Customized Massage $105/$155pp 60minutes
Hot Stone Massage $169pp 60minutes
Foot Massage $90pp 60minutes
Custom & Foot Massage $159pp 60minutes

Massage enhancements

Aromatherapy Oil Blend $10pp  
Revitalizing Scalp Ritual $40pp 15 minutes
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Hand & Foot Care

Your hands and feet deserve to be pampered with a Rimrock manicure and pedicure!

Treatment Price Duration
Rimrock Manicure $65pp 60 minutes
Rocky Mountain Pedicure $85pp 60 minutes
Add a Hand Scrub Mask $175pp  
Add a Menthol Foot Mask $175pp  
French Finish $175pp  
Paraffin Treatment $175pp  
Polish Change $175pp  
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Make-up Applications

Treatment Price Duration
Make-up Application $50pp 45 minutes
Bridal Make-up Application $75pp 60 minutes
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Aesthetic Services

Treatment Price
Brow Waxing $20pp
Chin Waxing $18pp
Lip Waxing $18pp
Face Waxing $45pp
Underarm Waxing $30pp
Arm Waxing $40pp
Back/Chest Waxing $55pp
Bikini Waxing From $40pp
Leg Waxing $45pp
Full Leg Waxing $65pp
Basic Bikini & Leg $75pp
Basic Bikini & Full Leg $90pp
Brow Tint $20pp
Lash Tint $30pp
Brow & Lash Tint $45pp
Brow Renewal with facial only $30pp
Brow Wax with Brow & Lash Tint $60pp
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Spa Services for Me

Treatments designed exclusively for men.

Treatment Price Duration
Men's Caviar Facial $180pp 75 minutes
Men's Specialty Facial $120pp 60 minutes
Facial add-on For Your Eyes Only $40pp
Facial add-on Revitalizing Scalp Ritual $40pp  
Men's Manicure $45pp 30 minutes
Men's Sport Pedicure $75pp 60 minutes
Manicure add-on Scrub Mask $15pp  
Pedicure add-on Menthol Foot Mask $15pp  
Mani/Pedi add-on Paraffin Treatment $20pp  
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Spa Packages

Rimrock is pleased to provide a variety of spa packages. Or create your own Spa Package by combining three or more services and receive a 5% discount.

Treatment Price Includes
Ultimate Rejuvenation $625pp Green Coffee Wrap, Myoxy - Caviar Facial, 30 minute Customized Massage, Rocky Mountain Pedicure with Menthol Foot Mask, Rimrock Manicure with Hand Scrub Mask; 5.5 hours
Serenity Package $430pp Spirulina Body Wrap,One-hour Customized Massage,European Deep Cleansing Facial,Rocky Mountain Pedicure; 4.25 hours
Spa Escapade $215pp One-hour Signature Aromatherapy Massage, Revitalizing Scalp Ritual, Radiant Express Facial; 1.75 hours
Hot Stone Massage $325pp Revitalizing Scalp Ritual, Signature Facial; 3 hours
Just for Him $300pp Aromatic Salt Glow, One-hour Customized Massage, Men's Specialty Facial; 2.75 hours
Beautiful Bride $300pp Aromatic Salt Glow, 30 Minute Customized Massage, Rimrock Manicure with French Finish, Bridal Make-Up Application; 3.25 hours
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