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Temple Mountain Spa - The Post Hotel & Spa
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Temple Mountain Spa - The Post Hotel & Spa

Escape the everyday at the Temple Mountain Spa where you'll experience a sensory and holistic feast for your body, mind, and soul. The natural setting, tranquil surroundings and personalized care combine to create the perfect spa experience. Treatments and services range from salon and esthetics, to manicures and pedicures, facials, massage, body treatments and Temple Mountain's Signature Treatment.

Signature Treatments

Looking for the ultimate spa treatment? Try one of Temple Mountain's Signature Treatments, where 75-135 minutes of pampering will leave you feeling like a whole new person!

Treatment Price Duration
Temple Mountain Escape $365pp 135 minutes
Alpine Aroma-Detox Treatment $200pp 75 minutes
Temple Glacier Renewal $190pp 75 minutes
Temple Mountain "Golden Spa" $200pp 75 minutes
Temple Mountain Time Defier $350pp 135 minutes
Temple Mountain Temptation $250pp 90 minutes
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Revive your body, mind, and spirit with a massage treatment at Temple Mountain Spa. Choose from a variety of massage options such as Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports, Therapeutic, Thai Stem, Tandem (two massage therapists working in tandem) or Couples massage.

Or, try an aromasoul ritual massage - a unique journey recommended for a complete and sensational restoration experience.

Treatment Price Duration
Aromatherapy $135/$185pp 55/85 minutes
Sports $135/$185pp 55/85 minutes
Swedish $135/$185pp 55/85 minutes
Therapeutic $135/$185pp 55/85 minutes
Thai Stem $210pp 85 minutes
Maximum $160/$210pp 55/85 minutes
Couples Massage $135ea/$185 ea 55/85 minutes
Tandem massage $340pp 55 minutes
aromasoul journey $750pp 360 minutes
aromasoul scrub oriental $250pp 90 minutes
aromasoul scrub mediterranean $250pp 90 minutes
aromasoul scrub indian $300pp 120 minutes
aromasoul scrub arabian $300pp 120 minutes
1/2 hour (Aroma, Sports, Swedish or Therapeutic) $80pp 30 minutes
2 hour (Aroma, Sports, Swedish or Therapeutic) $240pp 120 minutes
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Women's Facials

Temple Mountain Spa facials combine a complete skin analysis and eye treatment with a customized treatment program designed for your particular skin type and condition. Results are beneficial and long lasting.

Treatment Price Duration
DARPHIN Balancing Treatment $165pp 75 minutes
DARPHIN Intensive Firming Treatment $200pp 105 minutes
DARPHIN Haute Couture $250pp 120 minutes
[comfort zone] Hydramemory $160pp 60 minutes
[comfort zone] Recover Touch $160pp 60 minutes
[comfort zone] Action Sublime $160pp 60 minutes
[comfort zone] Glorious Skin $175pp 60 minutes
[comfort zone] Skin Resonance $160pp 60 minutes
PHYTOMER Sea Essential $125pp 50 minutes
Back Facial $150pp 45 minutes
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For the Gentlemen

Specialized and enjoyable treatments for men that enhance the entire body and being - from massage to facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures

Treatment Price Duration
[comfort zone] Manspace $120pp 60 minutes
PHYTOMER Restoratative $120pp 60 minutes
Back Facial $150pp 45 minutes
Peak Performance Pedicure $85pp 75 minutes
Peak Performance Manicure $55pp 45 minutes
Sole Revival $65pp 30 minutes
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Ladies' Manicure & Pedicure

Beautify your hands and feet with Temple Mountain Spa's mani and pedi treatments.

Treatment Price Duration
Mountain Meadow Manicure $65pp 75 minutes
French Manicure $75pp 90 minutes
Mountain Meadow Pedicure $95pp 90 minutes
French Pedicure $105pp 105 minutes
Sole Revival $65pp 30 minutes
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Body Experiences

Enjoy a completely luxurious treatment for your body at the Temple Mountain Spa. Rich in nourishing ingredients, essential oils, invigorating aromatherapy scents and tension draining moves, you'll be left feeling renewed and relaxed after one of these sessions.

Treatment Price Duration
D-age Body Treatment $125pp 60 minutes
Inner C Body Treatment $125pp 60 minutes
Lavender Mango Butter Wrap $125pp 60 minutes
Rose Clay Body Wrap $125pp 60 minutes
Black Baltic Mud Wrap $125pp 60 minutes
Seaweed Body Wrap $125pp 60 minutes
Salt Glow Body Polish $105pp 45 minutes
SunSoul Ritual $125pp 45 minutes
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Cosmetic Applications

Temple Mountain Spa supports you having the healthiest skin possible by using only Jane Iredale make-up - so effectives it's recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Treatment Price Duration
Jane Iredale - the skin care Make-up Application $50pp 30 minutes
Lesson & Application $80pp 45 minutes
Bridal Make-up $75pp 30 minutes
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Enhancement Treatments

Add these enhancements to other spa services for even greater enjoyment and results of your treatment.

Treatment Price Duration
Revitalizer Eye Treatment $30pp 30 minutes
Scalp Treatment $50pp 30 minutes
Hair Treatment $50pp 30 minutes
Lash Tinting $30pp 15 minutes
Brow Tinting $25pp 15 minutes
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Depilatory Treatments

Treatment Price
Lower Leg $60pp
Total Leg (includes Bikini) $110pp
Bikini $45pp
Underarms $35pp
Brow $25pp
Lip $25pp
Chin $25pp
Back $60pp
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