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Willow Stream Spa (Fairmont Banff Springs)
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Willow Stream Spa (Fairmont Banff Springs)

Energy Renewal is the mission, focus and passion at the Willow Stream Spa where treatments are customized to leave you feeling renewed and energized. Willow Stream is a true sanctuary and the ultimate escape from the everyday where your senses can't help but be soothed in the presence of the pulsating waterfalls, the unique mineral pool and the intense oxygen of the fresh alpine air. Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience - you deserve it!

Body Experiences

Willow Streams body and skin treatments will leave you feeling fabulous. With options such as therapeutic baths, customized essential oils, hydrating body scrubs, and aromatherapy massage, you'll find your skin restored and your body re-energized. Perfect for individuals or couples.

Treatment Price Duration
Ultimate Ascent $325pp 120 minutes
Body Quench $175pp 60 minutes
Hip Honeymooners (For Couples) $359pp 60 minutes
Ritual Of Two (For couples) $559pp 120 minutes
Jet Lag Recovery $245pp 90 minutes
Thalasso Kur $245pp 90 minutes
Herbal Kur $245pp 90 minutes
Balance Body $255pp 90 minutes
The Revitalizer $255pp 90 minutes
High Altitude $245pp 90 minutes
Willow Stream Elements $265pp 90 minutes
The Rose Renewal $265pp 90 minutes
Wildflower Body Polish $155pp 60 minutes
Banff Mineral Scrub $155pp 60 minutes
Rockies Rehydration $165pp 60 minutes
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Seasonal Experiences

Inspired by Eastern Ayurveda, these treatments address the specific needs of our bodies based on the season. Treat yourself to the healing and indulgence these unique seasonal experiences offer.

Treatment Price Duration
Feet First $165pp 60 minutes
Bath and Massage $165pp 60 minutes
Total Adjustment $265pp 90 minutes
Footbath, Scrub, and Massage $265pp 90 minutes
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Massage Experiences

Whether you're looking for relaxation, stress reduction or the overall health benefits offered from massage, Willow Stream has a massage experience suited to your personal needs. Indulge yourself!

Treatment Price Duration
Relaxation $155/$225pp 60/90 minutes
Stress Relief $165/$235 pp 60/90 minutes
Sports $165/$235pp 60/90 minutes
Side by Side Couples $339/$439pp 60/90 minutes
Jet Lag $165pp 60 minutes
Mountain Stone $175/$245pp 60/90 minutes
Alpine Aromatherapy $165/$235pp 60/90 minutes
Reflexology $165/$235pp 60/90 minutes
Shiatsu $165/$235pp 60/90 minutes
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Sports Inspired Experiences

Designed for the sport lover, these treatments address specific needs of particular sports - massage to prevent injury or skin care for frequent outdoors exposure.

Treatment Price Duration
Golf Performance Treatment Massage $175pp 60 minutes
Up To Par Body Experience $175pp 60 minutes
Willow Stream Golf Facial $215pp 90 minutes
Willow Stream Facial For The Great Outdoors $215pp 90 minutes
Apres Ski Performance Treatment Massage $175pp 60 minutes
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Facial Experiences

Look and feel fabulous with a Willow Stream facial. Tailored to your skin's needs, facials cleanse and nourish, promote circulation, and can firm the skin, leaving you looking younger, more relaxed and healthy. Treat yourself, your skin deserves it!

Treatment Price Duration
The Ultimate $235pp 90 minutes
Tranqwillow $235pp 90 minutes
Customized Deep Cleansing $155pp 60 minutes
Sensitive Skin $165pp 60 minutes
Customized Anti-aging $215pp 90 minutes
Willow Stream Facial for The Great Outdoors $215pp 90 minutes
Customized Gentleman's Barber Face Treatment $155pp 60 minutes
Post-Game Face Treatment (men) $175pp 60 minutes
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Facial Companion Treatments

Straight from France, relax in our Bouvier tub which features 144 underwater jets which are designed to massage and eliminate toxins from the body.

Treatment Price
Eye Rescue $25pp
Vitamin C Ampoule $45pp
Couperose Ampoule $45pp
Rejuvenating Ampoule Treatment $45pp
Marine Energy Ampoule $45pp
Glycolic Treatment $79pp
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Companion Experiences

Add to your total spa experience with additional treatment options.

Treatment Price Duration
Thermal Mineral Bath $79pp 30 minutes
Thalassobath $79pp 30 minutes
Herbal Bath $79pp 30 minutes
Aromatherapy Wrap $79pp 30 minutes
Turkish Scrub $79pp 30 minutes
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Salon Services

Treatment Price Duration
Banff Classic Manicure $55pp 45 minutes
Banff Classic Pedicure $75pp 45 minutes
A paraffin upgrade may be added $19pp 15 minutes
Willow Stream Signature Manicure $69pp 60 minutes
Willow Stream Signature Pedicure $89pp 60 minutes
Mountain Mint Pedicure $95pp 75 minutes
Classic Hand Grooming (men) $55pp 45 minutes
Power Pedicure (men) $75pp 45 minutes
Deluxe Executive Hand Grooming (men) $69pp 60 minutes
Deluxe Executive Foot Grooming (men) $89pp 60 minutes
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Hair Services (women)

Treatment Price
Cut and Style $49pp
Shampoo and blow dry - short $39pp/- long $45pp
Updo $59pp
Updo Trial $65pp
Updo Bridal $79pp
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Colour (Women)

Treatment Price
Permanent Colour from $75pp
Semi-Permanent from $75pp
Cut and Highlights from $139pp
Highlights from $99pp
Permanent/Texturing from $119pp
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Treatment Price Duration
Make up Application $49pp 30minutes
Bridal Make up Application $69pp 30minutes
Make up Lesson $59pp 30minutes
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Hair Services (Men)

Treatment Price
Cut and Style $29pp
Beard Trim $12pp
Cut and highlights from $79pp
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Treatment Price
Full waxing services available starting at $19pp
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