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Avello Spa & Health Club

Specializing in massage therapies and aesthetic treatments, our goal is to provide a complete experience for those seeking balance and vitality. Indulge yourself in everything from wraps, hand and foot treatments, facial and holistic treatments, to yoga and pilates.

Signature Treatments

Take time out to pamper yourself with one of Avello's signature treatments. Relax and unwind while our experts take you to a whole new level of calm.

Treatment Price Duration
Avello Hot Rock Massage $220pp 80 minutes
Thai Massage $200/$335pp 80/115 minutes
Chinese Massage $200pp 80 minutes
Satago Massage $130pp 20 minutes
Acupuncture $200pp 80 minutes
Express Revitalizer $75pp 20 minutes
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Massage Treatments

With the widest range of massage techniques available, you are sure to have your needs fulfilled, as well for added comfort we offer most massages ensuite.

Treatment Price Duration
Relaxation Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Aromatherapy Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Sports Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Reflexology $130pp 50 minutes
Shiatsu Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Pregnancy Massage $130/180pp 50/80 minutes
Ensuite Massage $200/280pp 80/120 minutes
Reiki $75pp 20 minutes
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Thalassotherapy Treatments

Wrap yourself in nutrients, replenish your body and ease your pains with a thalassotherapy wrap. Finish off with a soak in one of our Bouvier tubs.

Treatment Price Duration
Moor Mud Detoxifying Wrap $145pp 50 minutes
Herbal Tension Relieving Wrap $145pp 50 minutes
Algae Immune Boosting Wrap $145pp 50 minutes
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Holistic Treatments

Through ancient Chinese medical techniques we will promote health and awaken your senses while investigating physical and emotional illness of the body.

Treatment Price Duration
Acupuncture $200pp 80 minutes
Chinese Massage $200pp 80 minutes
Consultation $180pp 50 minutes
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Facial Treatments

Customized for your needs, our skin care therapists will maximize the health of your skin using top quality products and ingredients from GM Collin and Yon-ka, leaving your skin with a true glow.

Treatment Price Duration
Avello Facial GM Collin $110pp 50 minutes
Avello Facial Yon-ka $125pp 50 minutes
Hydrating Seaweed Facial $125pp 50 minutes
H2O Lifting Facial $140pp 50 minutes
Vitamin C Facial $175pp 80 minutes
Thermal Detox Facial $135pp 50 minutes
Alpha Hydroxy Facial $145pp 50 minutes
Gentlemen's Facial $115pp 50 minutes
Collagen Facial $245pp 80 minutes
Aromatic Relaxing $135pp 50 minutes
Aroma Deep Hydrating $155pp 50 minutes
Aroma Vital Intense $195pp 80 minutes
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Straight from France, relax in our Bouvier tub which features 144 underwater jets which are designed to massage and eliminate toxins from the body.

Treatment Price Duration
Herbal Recovery Soak $230pp 80 minutes
Tension Relieving Dead Sea Soak $230pp 80 minutes
Detoxifying Moor Mud Soak $230pp 80 minutes
Soothing Heavenly Milk Soak $230pp 80 minutes
Rejuvenating Mustard Soak $230pp 80 minutes
Vichy Shower Treatment $230pp 80 minutes
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Hand and Foot Treatments

Our pedicure lounge features exclusive Japanese designed, Italian made recliner chairs and a breathtaking mountain view while our manicures are carried out in a specially designed retreat for privacy!

Treatment Price Duration
Manicure $45pp 45 minutes
French Manicure $45pp 45 minutes
Parafin Manicure $65pp 55 minutes
Parafin Gehwol Pedicure $100pp 55 minutes
Nail Indulgence $175pp 175 minutes
Polish Change $35pp 15 minutes
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Spa Day Retreats

Treatment Price Includes
Head to Toes $500pp Thalassotherapy Wrap, Avello Facial GM Collin, Spa Lunch, Pedicure, Manicure
Mini Vacation $530pp Massage, Salt Glow Exfoliation, Spa Lunch, Avello Facial GM Collin, Pedicure, Manicure
Sports Day $300pp Thalassotherapy Wrap, Spa Refreshment, Pedicure
Awakening $325pp Thalassotherapy Wrap, Shiatsu Massage, Spa Refreshment
Body Bronzing $155pp Body Polish, Salf Tanning Application, Take Home Bronzing Milk
Renewal $300pp Hot Rock Massage, Heavenly Milk Bath, Spa Refreshment
Seclusion $325pp Heavenly Milk Bath, Massage, Avello Facial GM Collin, Spa Refreshment
Holistic Approach $400pp Chinese Massage, Consultation, Spa Refreshment
For the Bride $330pp Massage, Wash, Blow Dry and Up-do, Make-up, Spa Refreshment
Avello Duo $350pp Salt Glow Exfoliation, Satago Massage, Heavenly Milk Bath, Spa Refreshment
Avello Retreat $385pp Reiki, Reflexology, Aveloo Facial GM Collin, Spa Refreshment
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