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Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa
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Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

Our treatments are based on the use of sophisticated, traditional Royal methods in combination with selected organic ingredients. Oriental Massage, Javenese Massage, Royal Massage, Reflexology, facial treatments body scrub, an assortment of body treatments all fit for royalty.


Unwind and experience massages from around the globe, try our Javanese massage, our Swedish/French massage, or for something unique experience a Hot Rocks massage.

Treatment Price Duration
Javanese Massage $140pp 60 minutes
Taman Sari Massage $190pp 90 minutes
Prameswari Queen Massage $240pp 60 minutes
Swedish/French Massage $140pp 60 minutes
Sport Massage $150pp 60 minutes
Javanese Hot Rocks Massage $190pp 90 minutes
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Take your skin to the next level with a treatment which will regenerate, restore and reduce signs of aging. Natural extracts of sun flower or a high potency of algae will be sure to meet your skins needs.

Treatment Price Duration
Royal Facial $130pp 60 minutes
Taman Sari Facial $190pp 90 minutes
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Hand and Foot Spa

Using the ancient technique of reflexology we will pamper your worn hands and tired feet which will leave them in a state of relaxation long after your treatment is over.

Treatment Price Duration
Manicure $75pp 60 minutes
Pedicure with Reflexology $90pp 60 minutes
Aromatherapy Foot Spa $110pp 60 minutes
Aromatherapy Hand Spa $95pp 60 minutes
Reflexology (feet & knees) $100pp 60 minutes
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Body Treatments

Cleanse, smooth and soften your skins appearance through a body polish, or wrap yourself in nutrients which will enhance blood circulation while enriching the skin.

Treatment Price Duration
Javanese Lulur Body Exfoliation $140pp 60 minutes
Papaya Enzyme Body Polish $140pp 60 minutes
Body Wrap $160pp 60 minutes
Herbal Body Wrap $140pp 60 minutes
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Spa Packages

Take your experience to the next level with one of our luxurious spa packages ranging from 90 minutes to 4 hours, for individuals or couples, we have a little something for everyone.

Treatment Price Includes
Javanese Pampering $220pp Javanese Massage and Coconut Hair and Scalp Treatment
Royal Essential Touch $220pp Javenese Massage and Javanese Lulur Body Scrub
Touch of Taman Sari $220pp Javanese Massage and Merapi Volcano Body Wrap
Pangimbang Raga $260pp Javanese Massage, Papaya Enzym Body Polish, Hydrotherapy
Samapta Purwa $260pp Javense Massage, Javanese Lulur Body Scrub, Herbal Body Mask
Minaka Praja $260pp Javenese Massage and Royal Facial Royal Javanese Bridal Pampering - Call for Details
Royal Javanese Pampering $410pp Call for Details
Honeymoon Package $925pp For Couples - Call for Details
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