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Vida Wellness Spa

Focusing on holistic health and healing, with 4,200 square feet of spa facilities and 14 treatment rooms Vida Wellness Spa blends ancient principles with modern practices to create an overall balanced state. We go beyond the traditional spa experience.

Body Works

Eliminate toxins, nourish your muscles, and strengthen your immune system through massage. Your skilled massage therapist will discuss and assess your needs, so you experience the full benefits.

Treatment Price Duration
Classic Swedish Massage $135/200/270pp 60/90/120 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage $150/220/290pp 60/90/120 minutes
Aromatherapy Massage $150/220/290pp 60/90/120 minutes
Sports Massage $150/220/290pp 60/90/120 minutes
Pregnancy Massage $135/200/270pp 60/90/120 minutes
Shiatsu Massage $135/200/270pp 60/90/120 minutes
Reflexology $135/220pp 60/90 minutes
Thai Massage $150/220pp 60/90 minutes
Ancient Lava Rock Massage $150/220pp 60/90 minutes
Energy Healing $65/115/165pp 30/60/90 minutes
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Ayurvedic Treatments

A 5,000 year old Indian Science of holistic health which will nurture and beautify the body. Our Ayurvedic treatments use the highest quality herbs, oils and minerals.

Treatment Price Duration
Ayurvedic Massage $155/230/295pp 60/230/295 minutes
Ayurvedic Shirodhara Treatment $230pp 90 minutes
Ayurvedic Swedana $230/295pp 90/120 minutes
Abhyanga Massage $300pp 60 minutes
bhyanga Swedana Massage $370pp 90 minutes
Ayurvedic Facial $145pp 60 minutes
Ayurvedic Cleanse $790/1230pp 3 days/5 days
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Body Wraps and Exfoliations

Wrap yourself in an exotic mixture of minerals and elements which are readily absorbed into your blood stream to assist in the cleansing and strengthening of the body.

Treatment Price Duration
Body Wraps $155/230/295pp 60/90/120 minutes
Body Exfoliations $80 - $290pp 30-90 minutes
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Skin Cares

Our customized facials offer skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliations, extractions, a therapeutic mask as well as a face, scalp, hand and foot massage.

Treatment Price Duration
Ayurvedic Signature Facial $145/180pp 60/90 minutes
Traditional Facial $125/180pp 60/90 minutes
Hydrating Facial $125/180pp 60/90 minutes
Teen Facial $125/180pp 60/90 minutes
Green Tea Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Lightening Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Vida Signature Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Rosacea Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Purifying Black Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Mini Refresher Facial $75pp 30 minutes
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Hands and Feet

Since you use them the most, you should take care of them the most... your hands and feet! Leave it to us we will spoil them with a massage, grooming, and a final touch of polish.

Treatment Price Duration
Vida Manicure $55/75pp 30/45 minutes
Vida Pedicure $90/110pp 60/110 minutes
Polish Change $30pp -
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Vida for Men

What better way to relax than with your partner by your side, or treat him with some pampering. Massages, to facials and pedicures we will take of him.

Treatment Price Duration
Men's Deep Tissue Massage $150/220pp 60/90 minutes
Sports Massage $150/220pp 60/90 minutes
Classic Massage $135/200/270pp 60/90/120 minutes
Ancient Lava Rock Massage $220pp 90 minutes
Warm Ayurvedic Vichy Water Massage $135/185pp 60/90 minutes
Reflexology $135pp 60 minutes
Purifying Back Facial $145/215pp 60/90 minutes
Hot Towel Facial $180pp 90 minutes
Men's Manicure $50pp 30 minutes
Men's Pedicure $80pp 45 minutes
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Treatment Price Includes
Jet Lag Renewal $275pp Aromatherapy Massage, Soothing Rain Facial
Post Convention Pick-Me-Up $225pp Classic Massage and Pedicure
Treat for your Feet $165pp Pedicure and Reflexology
Spring Rejuventation $300pp Multivitamin Power Exfoliating Facial Treatment and Hydro-Active Salt Scrub and Gel Wrap
Ayurvedic Cleanse 790/1230pp 3 or 5 day treatments - call for details
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